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Now you can send Dave a video for a lesson!  The purpose of the video lesson is two-fold.  First, the student will have the opportunity to see him/herself from the teacher’s point of view, thereby creating a new dimension in personal development.  The very act of being videotaped in and of itself presents a challenge most students need to face —  that of being in the “spotlight” so to speak.

Secondly, I believe that you can learn more in one hour of video analysis than you can in a year of self-correction without video. Dave can very often correct mechanical and/or musical faults without the student having to travel. Dave will be able to scrutinize “in depth” the videotape, thus he will then prescribe actions to be carried out. WHAT TO SHOW ON VIDEO TAPE.

The fee for the first video lesson is $150.00.  The first lesson is in two parts:  PHASE I – an analysis of the student’s present playing status with immediate corrections, along with preparatory exercises for PHASE II.  Part one will be sent in approximately one (1) week of receiving video, unless notified of a backlog of students.

PHASE II begins a complete set of guidelines to follow, permitting the student’s natural, personal and unique physical makeup which will give clarity and focus for the development of his or her fullest potential.  PHASE II will be sent approximately 2 weeks after Phase I.

NOTE:  After receiving and applying Phase II, a studio appointment would be ideal for the continuation of this dialogue and exchange of knowledge.  Studio frees are $150.00/hour at the present time.  All students are required to own The Encyclopedia of the Pivot System by Donald S. Reinhardt, the complete and corrected version is only available from this web-site, here.

The student may schedule a 1/2 Hour Telephone Consultation for a fee of $50.00.
Afternoon appointments are available on week-days from 2 to 6PM. The appointment needs to be scheduled and paid in full prior to consultation. The student needs to call Dave at the specified time at (603) 352-2795  (a 24 hour window to reschedule appointment or fee will not be refunded).

Your success will be determined by how willing you are to change, grow and/or dedicate yourself

to your goals and priorities.  Dave can only assist by guidance and prescribed solutions ….

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You may email me, or call me at: (603) 574-4270!